Become a Video Game Tester

Do you consider yourself a diehard gamer? Have you ever found yourself
counting the days until a new release from Valve, Epic Games, or
InfinityWard? Well what if you played video games for a living and could
turn your obsession into a full time career?

Although it may sound too good to be true, fellow gamers just like you have
actually made a living playing the latest games before they are released to
the public. If that sounds appealing, why not consider a career as a game tester?

Commonly referred to as “quality assurance” in the professional world,
game testing is a critical step within game development. Major game
releases can spend months in testing as they are streamlined and fine-
tuned until near perfection.

Sounds like a dream come true for most gamers!

But passion is not enough these days. The truth behind becoming a game
tester is that it takes more than a love of games, it takes technical know-
how and a resume that sets you apart from the crowd. You have to get
noticed by the gaming studios first.

To get on their radar you’ll need to demonstrate an understanding of
the mechanics of game development and the tools and software that
the developers use. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace,
educational institutions now offer accredited classes and degrees in this
rapidly growing field.

Take the first step toward a career as a Video Game Tester today.

Use our Quick Degree Finder to find the right school for you. Earn your
degree online or on campus. You can request free info from as many
schools as you like.

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