Becoming a Computer Game Designer

Who hasn’t dreamed about becoming a computer game designer? OK, maybe people who were born a long time before video games were invented. But the newer generation probably dreamed of this career while they were enjoying playing their favorite games. If you see yourself in this description, remember that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. This is especially true today with various courses offering a possibility of retraining to make your life more delightful because you can finally live your dream in reality.

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Making a computer game is a complicated process which involves many people with different purposes and is a strictly team-oriented business. The basic division of the two teams involved in the making of a video game is the programming team and the designer team. Both of these teams need to be highly adaptable and communicative. They should correctly present their ideas to make sure that there are no errors in communication. Programmers are required additional knowledge of programming skills and problem-solving skills related to program debugging. Designers are required to be creative and imaginative. They also need to be highly skilled at 3D drawing and animation.

Though these characteristics may seem intimidating to the beginner, there is no need to worry. Acquiring the basic knowledge in a course is the first step to a bright career. Choosing a correct course is the first thing one should do since there are many things a computer game designer can contribute to the final product.

A person can choose to be a graphics designer, animation artist, special effects designer or game designer, just to start with. Creative writing and storyboarding for games is also an aspect of being a computer game designer since game design is not just all about graphics. Choosing an area which is most suited for your skills and working on it is one of the two options. Another one is to take a general course and master all aspects including character design, 3D animation, level development and other relevant skills. Whichever approach you take, it is most certain that you are more artistically oriented. Programming is for technical people who are good at realizing given orders. They basically do not contribute to the actual product other than making it understandable to the computer. The designers are the ones creating everything with their imagination and artistic nature.

Being a computer game designer is not all fun and play, but it reaps amazing benefits. A person with enough persistence and hard work will eventually build a large reputation one day. Even computer programmers are often shaded as the designers are given more credit for the realization of a project. Although they are both equally important, the designers are actually the brains behind the game. They create everything in the game. The level settings, game rules, characters, setting layouts, textures and everything except implementing these designs in the script.

This shows that being a computer game designer is a very responsible position in a computer game industry. The computer programmers are responsible for the bugs in the program, but this is easily overlooked since most of the serious bugs are spotted and removed during the testing phase. The impression a story and appearance make on the customer is more important for a company’s reputation.
If you have faith in your creativity and imagination to impress the customers with your ideas, this is a perfect career for you. Learning the necessary skills for the job is done on the course and then refined with actual working experience. While landing your first job in the game design industry may take some time, if you do not give up too soon, there is a promising and rewarding career waiting for you.

Thanks to the wide-spread use of the internet these days, starting a career as a computer game designer is a bit easier than it was before. It is just a bit easier since you will still have to work very hard to prove yourself. People who have made a breakthrough in their careers and created a name for themselves, have started out as freelance artists before landing any significant job position. They claim that the pay is low at the beginning but the experience gained is priceless and can be used later to start a solid and secure career. Once you have actual work experience besides your course diploma and portfolio it is easier to respect yourself first, and then the others will respect you as well.

The only advice people who have made it through being freelancers can offer besides being creative and doing your work properly is to have a lot of patience in the beginning. Not that it will hurt later in the career, but the beginning is hard and that is when you need it most. The pay (if any) is small and the job is not secure, but all this changes when you land your first long-term relationship as a junior designer in a company.

A typical start as a computer game designer is similar to the graphic designer career. People start out as junior game designers in a company. Most of them pass through the phase of being subcontractors first. Good to gain experience in addition to the basic knowledge picked up on the course, and gaining the realization that a computer game designer is not just meant to be a freelancer. It can also be a career-oriented job that requires job security and provides a decent pay and benefits that come with higher positions.

A junior game designer is a good start and it certainly beats the position of the subcontractor. You may still be crowded with assignments that the people on higher positions are too lazy to do. But if you prove yourself to have a good sense for game design, you can look forward to your next promotion. Company hierarchy generally differs everywhere. Some companies have middleweight designers before the seniors but this is not always the case.

What is always the case is that the better you become at your career as a game designer, you are more likely to become promoted to higher positions. Becoming a director is also possible one day, but you have to work your way up to it gradually. Just because your course covered it does not mean that you are ready to become one fresh from school without experiencing actual work as a computer game designer.
Due to the possibilities of communication provided by the internet it is even possible to work on a long-distance basis. Remember, the computer game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Once you make a name for yourself, the good companies will not care about from where you work. As long as you are reliable and have a decent method of communication with them, this fact can be over-looked so do not find your location as an excuse if your true passion is designing video games.

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