Becoming a Next Generation Video Game Designer

Do you have a passion for the way that video games are designed? If you are one of many worldwide gamers who spend a considerable amount of time playing video games, you would agree that video gaming is a very fulfilling recreational activity. If you have even gone further into online gaming, you know that you’re one of the new generations of online gamers, then you know how it feels to be glued to your computer screens for hours on end, without realizing what in the world is going on around you. To be completely mesmerized by the excitement and euphoria of online video gaming or any video games in fact, whether it is an MMO, MMORPG or even a first person shooter game, the feeling that you feel as you play the games is one that is only a serious online gamer can understand.

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The number of such games runs into the thousands and new ones are being added to the list each week. There is hardly a household anywhere where there is no casual gamer or gaming enthusiast. Many leading game companies across the globe are constantly looking for new and better talent to add to their team of video game designers. So, being a gaming enthusiast, what better way to use your expert skills then to acquire some form of video game designers training. There is a good amount of money that can be made from the industry.

The road to becoming a video game designer is often one that must have commitment and dedication to the trade, you may find yourself spending many nights awake and working late to create the next big game. There is nothing though that can pay for that thrill so that comes from the creation of another great game that many people can play and enjoy. So what actually goes into creating a game that sells and how do video game designers come into all of it?

The story always starts in someone’s head. That’s how it goes down in many video game companies, where there is always a team that is in charge of conceptualization and creating a concept for the next great game. The idea for the game can come from anywhere, even from a simple moment of inspiration, where the game comes from is not important but what the game actually becomes. Following the initial conceptualization process, the game is taken to the people who will actually create the storyline, the characters, the plot and the overall framework of the game that will make it work. The framework may include any rules, designs of characters, scenes and the game play sequence. Since every game has to have a plot or theme, this pre-production stage will also take this into account as the concept goes from idea to storyline. The next process that follows is often the technical part, where the game has to be written out in a technical document so that the game developers and video game designers have a clear idea of what the game will actually look like when it is done. You can call this the baking time.

The art of designing the graphics of a video game may seem simple and uncomplicated initially but the reality is that the process is often complex and a very challenging endeavor to do that it often takes several teams of video game designers to get everything from the ground up. Since the basics are covered in the initial design process that computer game designers are involved in, the actual video game is made by a team of video game designers that are often managed by a video game producer. For gaming companies and studios that make multiple games in a year, having video game producers is an essential part of the creation process, as the video game producers will provide the direction and leadership for each video game project. In certain smaller game companies there may be only one video game producer supervising several teams of video game designers.

The video game design process aside from the pre-production phase often involves multiple processes such as coding and writing the core elements of the game, the actual creation of characters and so on. Some game studios spend as much as $50 million in game development fees which goes to show you just how large the development of a video game can be. Since there is a lot of information that is needed to become a video game designer, you may want to make sure that your passion also matches what is in your head. Your skills in design of characters, arts and the conception process will also play a part in how you will fair among other video game designers. The job itself is very demanding as mentioned before but there are many rewards to being in the industry of video games, some rewards include the freedom to produce and create games and ideas that most people only imagine.

When you compare video game designers to CGI animators or other similar industry designers, the one thing you will see a lot of in the video game industry, is the ability to use the imagination to create what people often think as unimaginable.

Because the video game industry is often built on repeat success, well crafted games will have sequels and this creates continuous opportunities for video game designers to develop and improve their skills and development processes. When you look at the way the industry of video games has changed in the last ten years, you may notice that the development cycle of video games has been shortened greatly and this has created room for a lot of improvement, in fact most sequel games that are available are often far much better than their predecessor games because the design process is refined and very much improved.

With the necessary game design and concept training from a leading computer aided design college, you can add to your creative and artistic skills so that they are honed to perfection, allowing you easy access into the rapidly growing gaming industry and rewarding you with the career of your dreams.
With the current growth of the industry, there are many people that are looking to start a career in video gaming. Use your passion for video games to propel you into making gaming a lifestyle instead of a hobby. It has been said that many video gamers have dreams of one day developing their own games, and while this may be true, getting to that point is the true journey. So lets cut the chase, you’re looking to fulfill your passion of developing the next generation games of the future, right? You want to join the ranks of the same video game designers that you respect and look up to? Start your search for the best schools for your lifestyle now. Use our Quick Degree Finder to find the most comprehensive list of schools that offer courses for up and coming video game designers, and get in the game today.

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