Choosing the Best Graphic Design Degree for You

As different as we all are, most of us can agree that when choosing a career, we strive to land within a field that will make us satisfied and complete. No matter what you wish for, you need to want it bad enough and work hard enough to get it. There are so many choices today and you keep asking yourself which one is the best for you. The truth is – if you don’t try it, you’ll never know. If you are interested in graphic design, one of the most creative mainstream jobs in the world, you probably have some interests in using sketch, photography, animation, or a multitude of other specializations with the graphic design field where you can express your hidden talents. Graphic designers do wonderful things for companies, newspapers, architecture and photography journals, and big name magazines on a daily basis. Imagine a career based on creating art for people to enjoy, getting paid handsomely for it, and all while having a creative outlet at work? Use our Quick Degree Finder to find the right program for you. Request information from as many online and on campus schools as interest you, by using our handy tool.

If you are looking for detailed information on graphic designers work, you are at the right place. You might be good in what you are doing and talented, as well, but without a proper education on this field, you’ll never get that high as you deserve. That’s why you simply have to consider getting some education, also there will always be some people who have more experience that you and who can point to the right direction. Some fields might be more popular than others, but you should follow your own preferences and desires. The world has a place for all of us and finding your own specific path can be the key to longtime happiness within ones career. Here are just a select few specializations within the field of graphic design jobs that you should consider, when pondering the right path that suits you.

Creative/art director – A Creative/Art Director is the head honcho in charge of the project, and covers a wide range of responsibilities from the theme and plot, to sometimes even the advertising work that is displayed on television, in magazines, or on the Internet. A creative director is intimately involved with the conception and presentation for any project. It is not an easy job, and any up and coming graphic designers have to be sure that all the stuff do their work properly, or they cannot expect any success advancing to this role. Art directors pitch in everywhere, with help, advice, and some corrections of other’s work, but their main job is to do supervise the work of the others. Since you will have a huge responsibility in this field, you will need the experience and confidence that a degree affords, not only to you personally, but more importantly to run a successful 360-degree ad campaign. Also, how much money you will earn depends only on your degree and your experience. Junior art directors are usually freelancers and start between $50,000 and $80,000. When advanced, the sky is the limit for salary range, as often Art Directors are as highly regarded as CEO’s in many companies.

Layout artists – Layout artists make sure that all content and pictures are structured right, and manipulate the very structure of what ends up being printed and released for all magazines, books, and brochures. Visual effect is everything, so if something doesn’t look good, the layout artist will know how to improve it. This job requires using different kinds of technical software such as QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign. If you want to do this job, you will have to attend at least 2-year associate degree programs or even 4-year bachelor program at many universities. The salary also depends on how good you show you are and they are usually from $75,000 to $150,000.

The brand identity designer – these graphic designers should take care of creating a visual brand and identity of a company. The creativity is the most important thing here because it defines the core identity of the product or creation. A good brand identity is the surefire way to ensure that the customers will remember a company very fast. It is not just about the logo of a company, but also about its promotions, cards, packaging and the list goes on and on. If you want work in this field, you have to keep up with the trends, be innovative, and show why your product or company is leading the pack on the market. It’s all about competition, so you have to give the customers the reason to trust and like your company. To be realistic, no matter how creative you may be, you are going to need some higher education in order to learn how to keep up with the needs of a large high profile company.

The logo designer – you probably already know that nothing represents the company better than its logo. It is not purely just a pretty graphic. Much effort, thought, and planning goes into it, so it must be unique and ensured it is not something that anyone has seen before. You will need an education in this field as well as plenty of professional experience, as you will be tasked with representing the company and expressing its message like no one has done it before. This is a job that combines marketing strategy and creativity. Graphic designers will often make many corrections along the way, before they come to perfect logo for a company.

Flash designer – Flash is what the web and most web applications are all about, and in fact some estimates suggest that as much as 85% of the web is written and distributed in Flash programming. It’s a robust program that allows you to take your graphic design skills far. Flash is used by graphic designers for creating a websites, but is more advanced and interactive than normal web development. With the modern age upon us, this field is booming like never before.

Illustration – Our world is permeated with all manner of two-dimensional or three-dimensional images, and you will forever them in books, newspapers and other resources. Having knowledge of this field is great for graphic designers, and there are many jobs opportunities, not only in magazines, but also in motion picture and video industries. When it comes to average earnings, they can range from $30,000 to $70,000.

Photo editor¬ – it is a great and fulfilling pursuit, not only to manipulate pictures and colors and other features, but also to turn in to a real career. You have probably heard of Photoshop, but that is just a small part of all the interesting and creative things you can do. You will learn how to create compositions of multiple layers, design graphics with high-resolution, manage color at the pixel level, amid many other techniques.

Multimedia designer – Design props and costumes, or produce sketches and drawings for a living. Some of the most exciting jobs in this field are in film and television production and throughout the educational process you’ll learn in depth about animation, visual effects and digital media. The average salary in this part of graphic design is from $35.000 to $90.000.

Web designer – these graphic designers need to take care of every detail, every single day, since content is constantly changing and their work is be viewed by thousands of people. How the web page looks like depends only on them, and that includes graphics, images, content, navigations and many other things. Web designers must keep up with the current technology and be aware of the changes they may face every day. This is one of the most plentiful job opportunities, since most of the business today is based on the Internet.

These are just some of the most popular jobs in the graphic designer field. Use our Quick Degree Finder and search schools, courses or universities to find the one that will suit you. If you have the passion and the skills, you are halfway there. You just need to hone them good enough to satisfy the market and all its needs.

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