Discovering Animation Schools

Since the time cartoons were created, they have fascinated countless people across all different generations. Right from the very basic sketches that captured every millisecond of the characters movement, to the most recent computer generated effects, animation has never ceased to amaze people. With the arrival of computer games and animated motion pictures, the demand of animation artists increased dramatically. So much so, that now there are animation schools which specialize in training future animators for this field that has a lot of scope and potential. According to 2008 figures, animators and multimedia artists claimed close to 79,000 jobs in the U.S. alone.

Before you start daydreaming, it is imperative that you understand what exactly an animator’s job is. An animator is a qualified professional who instills life into animated pictures through special effects and graphics. Professional animators are required to come up with concepts and give them a visual, animated form all through the sophisticated use of technology. Use our Quick Degree Finder to search for and request free information from a variety of online and on campus programs, and find the best program that suits your lifestyle.

Animation is undoubtedly a rewarding field financially. However, in turn it requires animators to come up with products at a quick pace which reflect both creativity and versatility. This is where the role of animation schools come in as they train future animation artists to broaden their horizons and enhance their inventiveness. A good and professionally brilliant animator is also required to produce premium quality work within as little time as possible. Not only do animators work under tight deadlines, they also have to be open to the demands of their clients. It could be rather tricky for them to incorporate both the client’s demand and their own creativity in the product. But this is where a qualified animator can be told apart from the rest as he is perfectly capable of combining the two and producing quality work.

Animation is undoubtedly a very happening and enjoyable field, especially for those who are passionate about it. However, reaching to that stage could be a difficult task. For many aspiring animators, the question is whether to rely on talent alone or to go for their degrees in animation from any of the animation schools.

To answer this question, you need to understand that you always have the option to rely on your luck. However, a proper degree in the field is like an endorsement to your future employers to judge that you are qualified for the task at hand. This means that to be a successful animator, you need to have a strong educational and training base to support your portfolio. In most cases, animation houses prefer people with a degree in animation. For them, a degree holder shows seriousness of purpose and an established foundation for learning.

Even if you do not want to opt for something as long as a degree program, you can go for short training courses which are offered by many animation schools. A degree is preferred by employers who hire beginners to the industry; often it’s the main way a potential employer can gauge your level of commitment to the field.

The courses for animation are skillfully designed to teach students about the finer details that the field of animation is all about. These include learning to manipulate the images, designing, devising storyboards and 3D or three-dimensional modeling. Ultimately it is a student’s own inclination on the basis of which he decides which courses to opt for. But animation schools train them by teaching them different techniques that are necessary for the field. Students learn how to portray a moving object or image on a number of computer software combined with aesthetic guidance to help them create artistically inspiring animated graphics.

While you acquire the tips and techniques from your teachers to improve your animation skills, you will also get to learn a great deal from your fellow students. The work, style, experience and creativity of your peers can inspire you to explore your own creativity. The critique sessions held by professors in the class are a good way for students to know their weak points and work on them. This also helps them recognize their strong areas and capitalize on them. It is through these sessions that most students come to learn which particular area of animation they would like to opt for as professionals.

Graduates from animation schools have a greater edge over any other animation artists when they step into the employment market. Your qualification will not only reflect in your credentials but you will also have the confidence that you have what the field requires. The training you get at an animation institute prepares you for the professional world to a larger extent. A lot of these institutes help students gain exposure in the market by helping them find different internship opportunities. Even after their students graduate, a lot of animation schools maintain graduate directories and send them to potential employers who can look up suitable candidates.

In order to be a successful animator, it is necessary for you to develop a portfolio. This is one of the basic things an employer considers when he hires a beginner. For students of animation schools, developing a portfolio is no worry at all because their schools help them compile their work in an organized way so that they can be sent to different animation houses. A lot of schools also assist in preparing cover letters and resumes. To have their graduates placed in the most renowned places in the animation sector also helps to boost the credibility and success rate of the animation schools. Therefore, they are always on the lookout to assist their students in any way possible.

It is not possible to give a list of animation institutes that rank the best in all aspects of animation. Every aspiring student has his own particular inclinations. Therefore, any one school cannot be declared ideal for every student looking for a degree in animation.
Before selecting an animation institute to study in, there are a number of criteria that need to be taken under consideration. These include:

The programs offered – If you want to major in animation, select a school that offers a degree in animation rather than a few courses as minor.

The financial fees and requirements – Budgetary considerations are perhaps the most important to take care of, especially if you have to pay from your own pocket.

The credibility – Never go for an institution that has no accreditation. Knowing that a school is affiliated with another institute or is recognized in the industry as well as internationally adds credibility to your degree.

The facilities offered – Is the school equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology needed for animation? Does it have a good faculty? What opportunities does it provide to its students to gain exposure?

Where it is located – Will the school of your choice require you to move away from home? If yes then you will also need to arrange for lodgings and see if moving far from home works for you. Or if it’s an online course, will you be available at the times the classes require participation?

Keeping in mind these factors will be helpful to you in finding the perfect animation schools for your degree. Besides campus courses, a lot of institutes provide courses on animation online as well. Similar to the on-campus courses, make sure that the online courses you enroll in are from a recognized and accredited institute. Besides this, you should also consider a number of other factors including:

Availability of training in the most sophisticated software and technology. Experience of the faculty members in the field of animation. Possibility of getting enrolled in the specialized animation area of your choice. Opportunities to create a diverse portfolio and exposure in the market.

With their diverse range of techniques in which they train you for the animation industry, animation schools can assist their students in shaping fruitful careers for themselves as animation artists. Use our Quick Degree Finder to find animation schools right for you. Get free information on animation courses and make your dream of becoming a successful animator come true.

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