Discovering the Right Video Game Designer School for You

Let’s face it, video games influence our world more than we think. With all the big shots that are in the gaming industry, from the sports games to adventure to first person shooters and others, the influence and thrill that we experience from playing video games is universally accepted as a way to spend recreational time. For most, it’s almost like a relief. The thought of winning any game, even if there is no physical prize that looms, is built into the hearts and minds of everyone whether they are self-proclaimed gamers or not. Studies show that the biological response of playing modern video games is the same as playing the slot machines in a casino, or watching a football game on TV.

An occasional victory punch in the air when you get good news is a sign of this. If you love a challenge to win more, with many possible game scenarios and interaction, you know that you would take the opportunity to challenge other people to a game or two. This desire for winning has now moved from personal to international, as a result of the internet. Gone are the days when people simply sat on the couch and enjoyed a good round of first person shooting or a game of sports. Today many mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone have advanced 3D games and its not surprising to find an occasional business person engaged in a game to relieve their mind of stress. So there you have it, an overview of the scope to which we humans play games. The next question is where do you fit in? If you are like most you play at least one game a month, whether online, on your phone or mobile device or even on your computer or gaming console. So you have the desire and determination to create a game that will have people talking the world over right? Where do you start from, to get your idea from conception to reality; well for starters you will need some kind of video game design training. You will also need to have an understanding of how the industry works and who does what. That’s where video game designer schools come into play. To give you direction and a sense of calling to your desired end, you need the help of a video game designer school. Use our handy Quick Degree Finder to search for schools and online programs that offer training in the types of skills that interest you.

While some people have a hard time conceptualizing a video game designer as a ‘normal’ career, it is actually a rewarding and challenging career that has its own wide variety of fulfillment and pressures as well. If you have a quick look at the budget of the average major release game made every year, you will understand the extent and sheer volume of the industry. Similar to many blockbuster movie budgets, most major game releases have budgets that run into the multiple millions, meaning the cash there for those who enter into this career. And that’s the essential role of a video game designer, to make the idea come to life. Whether the idea is for a strategy game that involves many different possible scenarios or a simple game of chess on a phone that uses an accelerometer, the truth is video game designers have the power to make ideas become reality. This means that they will have to work longer hours of course because it’s often a labor of love, but that’s just part of the fun, making it all happen from code to a reality.

A video game designer is involved in creating what most people only dream of, and making it a reality, whether it is a monster the size of the Empire State Building, or a soccer avatar that can mimic some of the world’s greatest sporting stars, only a video game designer with the right training from video game designer schools can make it happen and bring it to life.

That’s the thrill of the job and one of the rewards of being in this line of work, the power to create memorable games and advancements that will be remembered for years to come. As kids, most people of our generation have had at least one favorite video game that they played often. Kids today are still heavily into video games, and therefore there is still value in having a great game that appeals to many audiences.

So what are the heads up that you need to know before you head out to enroll in a video game designers school?

The task will be great- many great games take years to formulate construct and perfect. You may find yourself on the same gaming project for years. You have to be prepared for this, while in the world of video games, many expert gamers will spend considerable amounts of time to play and complete a game, the average gamer never really finishes a game. Instead he may opt to play another game and rotate.

The Preparation- as with many video games today, the storyline is built up over a series of levels that increase their difficulty levels as you progress in the game. This is essentially true of video game designing as well. If you are going to become a video game designer, you will have to understand that the process of creating a great video game is more than just having an idea, it’s the technical, the creative, the visual, the storyline, the gameplay and game engines, it’s all these things and more that go into the preparation of the video game before it is even developed. This is important to note and this is what video game designer school will teach you.

Behind every great game is a lot of hard work – To get a great game you have to work at it, and the workload on the way there may be a lot but the rewards will be more. You may occasionally find yourself way above the weekly working hour ratio as a result of being a video game designer but the rewards of the task will line your pockets very nicely.

Once you have these basics in hand, your search for a better school and the prospect of a career as a video game designer begins. There are many video game designer schools that are available around the world, including online and on campus. Take the right steps to finding that information today, and make the most important choice of your life now. In the world of gaming, your spilt second choice can affect the outcome of the game.

With great power comes great responsibility. Use your desire to influence the world of gaming today and kick start your journey on the road to gaming design by using our Quick Degree Finder. Request free info from as many schools as you like and begin the journey towards a career in game design today.

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