Do You Have What it Takes to be a Video Game Designer

Children born in today’s times should be thankful for the fact that they are living in an era where they have a multitude of academic opportunities compared to the previous generation. Indeed, there was a time when people would consider only a select few fields as rewarding both professionally and financially. However, the past couple of decades or so have brought about a change in that mentality, and now fields like video game design are being considered important. Now people wishing to have a career as a video game designer can not only count it as a viable option but can also explore what this field has to offer through different sources.

Contrary to what a number of people believe, video game design is not something that can be done on the basis of talent alone. In fact it is a specialized field that requires a proper degree and training from an accredited institute. Although a degree might not be proving your prowess as a video game designer, it is your first introduction when you apply for a job as a beginner. For employers, a degree represents seriousness of purpose and proof that you have a solid background of the field you are coming to apply for.

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Much like other fields related to designing and animation, video game design can be a very rewarding career. Not only does it give you the scope to work fulltime with any organization, but you can also get involved in freelance work and make extra money on the side. With continuous advancements in technology and software, video game design experts have to be on their toes to keep themselves abreast of the new developments. With video games becoming even more popular among the youth, the demands for this profession are increasing by each day.

Before getting too carried away with the future prospects of this field, you need to understand that they are not possible without a proper degree. Prior to getting a video game design degree, you first need to ask yourself if you are cut out for this field. Whether it is video game design or any other field, you need to first determine your own level of interest and passion for it. The best way to do this is through school and formalized training where you will surely be exposed to all manner of software and design tools to broaden your horizons.

For anyone planning to step into this field, it is important to be aware that video game design in not a simple field to be in. To be successful in this field, you need to bring into use your knowledge, skill, talent and intelligence simultaneously. If you want a successful career as a video game designer, you need to possess the following qualities.

Interpersonal skills. You may have dreamed of joining a particular profession since childhood. You may have gathered all necessary information about it and you may have joined the college you always aimed for. But ask yourself this – is it enough to make you a good professional? When it comes to being a professional, you don’t merely need to be able to show your credentials on paper but to prove that you can also work as a team player.

When it comes to fields like video game design, it is all about teamwork and any design house would want to make sure before hiring you that you possess good interpersonal skills. Moreover, it is important for your own growth to show respect to your coworkers because nobody becomes a video game designer in one day. You will need your senior colleagues’ guidance and a learning attitude to keep progressing in the field. Be cooperative and sporty even if at times your ideas don’t get approved.

Many universities and animation schools put emphasis on teaching their students the importance of interpersonal skills. They make different courses that train students in communication skills and enhance them by giving them assignments requiring teamwork. Moreover, they give their students a chance to experience the professional world by recommending them for different internship programs.

Proficiency in art. In many ways, video game design is a technical form of art. This is why it is imperative that you should not only have a good command on basic art techniques but also learn how to display your art skills with the help of different software. With the help of a good designing and image manipulation software, you can display your art skills through technology as well. In order to become proficient in any designing software, an aspiring video game designer should practice regularly starting with simple tasks. As you keep learning with time, you can improve your technical art skills much significantly.

Do the math. If you love art and think that alone can make you a good video game designer, you are in for a not-so-pleasant surprise. Video game design relies heavily on different branches of math and logic. Any degree in design is a mix of science and art, and video game design is not different. If math is not your strong suite, you can pick up some needed refreshers as you develop within a video game design schools become a part of the video game industry.

Mastering graphic design. No video game is complete without a good graphic design. This is why for any video game designer, it is necessary to have a background of graphic design. This can be done by taking up graphic design as your minor in college.

Knowledge of programming. It is essential for any aspiring video game designer to gain a basic know-how of the programming languages that are used in video game designing. In all likelihood, this will be a part of your course when you working on your degree. With programming, you can add life to the graphics by making the characters perform different actions.

Attention to details. A video game designer comes to be respected as a professional when his work reflects keen detailing to even the minutest aspects of the game. While designing the game, you should be able to bring out even the smallest feature of the game and make it prominent in the players’ eyes. A good way of doing this is to be observant whenever you play a video game and notice the quality of its structuring and rendering. Moreover, you should learn the fine techniques of video game designing from the seniors in the field who will share their expertise with you on any design you make.

Educating yourself for the field. Acquiring a professional degree in video game design from an accredited institute will help broaden your horizon to a greater extent. Not only will you be able to learn the techniques of video game designing but it will also help brushing up your skills as a good video game designer. Moreover, a degree is your key to land a rewarding job in the video game design industry. A qualified and professional video game designer has every opportunity to grow further in his career.
Moreover, your education should not stop after college. Instead you should make sure that you continue to keep updating your technical knowledge whenever new design software comes in the market. This will help you evolve as a more creative and diversified video game designer.

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