Going to an Animation School

With enough persistence and love towards making inanimate objects come to life, it is impossible not to succeed with a career as an animation artist. The career opportunities are vast and more than most people can imagine. Going to an animation school is not only for fans of cartoons, but also fans of any sort of animation like 3D computer or stop motion animation. Animation artists are constantly sought by game development companies to make their game characters and objects come to life. If you are a person who likes to create and dreams of taking your career to whole new level, animation may prove to be more than just a hobby, but a new career path as well.

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Up and coming animation artists are usually people who are already artists and dreamers. They have a greatly developed imagination for creating images and telling stories. It takes great creativity and skill to give the images emotions. With a large enough imagination and hard work on developing the required skills this is made possible. It is important to be good at teamwork, since most major projects are done in larger teams. Good communication skills and reliability are some features an animation artist should possess to succeed. This career can also be freelancer-oriented, but there are less possibilities for an animation artist that isn’t willing to work within a good team, especially when learning the craft.

Even though computer technology is highly developed these days, it still does not qualify as an individual career path. A good animation artist should have the ability to use the various software systems that are dominant in the animation industry. It is important only to know that you can handle this software, the technical details are covered in animation schools since computer technology has found its place there as well.

With computer technology constantly developing, many skills animation artists required before are now considered obsolete. However, it is important to make sure the animation school you choose covers traditional animation methods. While both approaches require skill and creativity, people say that it is priceless to know traditional methods which are becoming rare these days. There is a significant difference and no matter how creative and rich a computer animation may be, creating something with your own two hands is still considered a very respectful act in the artistic circles.

This may mean nothing to the average person, but a person interested in going to an animation school should be aware of the art’s traditions and gain respect toward all approaches within the artform. However, this does not mean that you do not need respect for the modern trends, just that the roots of the art have their own significance and charm and should not be forgotten.

These skills may also be useful to separate you from other modern artists and could certainly land you job opportunities while at the same time giving you the ability to develop your own personal style. Keep in mind that as the demand for animation artists is constantly growing,

The film industry, game industry and mobile phone industry require animation artists for their applications. There is certainly no lack of work in this area these days and people who love animating objects will find a wide array of work available.

As much as they help, pure love, hopes and dreams will only get you so far. A good animation school will provide you with skills and techniques to make these things manifest through your work. But even before you decide to become an animation artist there are key differences in many education courses which need to be considered. The industry as we know it today has made a separation between technical and creative animation artists. Some schools offer both creative work and technical work in their programs.

But some schools offer only programs that favor the technical and some offer programs that favor only the creative. While both would be more desirable because you would be a complete animation artist with that sort of education, some people may only be interested in one aspect animation art has to offer.
Deciding to be a technical animation artist means that you are oriented towards the technology industry and are looking for a bright career in game development and phone applications. Some other assignments cover making animated web applications or programs. These courses resemble a hybrid of the graphics design and video game design. They include 3D animations mostly, but they also cover 2D animations, texture and color manipulation and layout and many more features. You are taught how to produce certain techniques based on industry trends and consumer demand in these programs.

Unlike slaving away at a job you hate, creative animation schools offer a way to express yourself and tap into your imagination to produce something unique. They cover the same animation features like 3D and 2D animation but also add the traditional methods of design and creative storytelling skills as well.
Both of these have very different purposes, but they are ultimately the same. A person who can produce a technical animation possesses the same knowledge to produce a creative animation and the same works the other way around. But then why are the differences made? They are made because the programs stress certain directions of using the knowledge.

When enrolled in a technical program a future animator will learn how to make use of his abilities in creating video games, mobile applications or web animations. When it comes to creative programs they will put more emphasis on being yourself and expressing your creativity through the artistic side of animation.

Every person can choose the program which best suits their needs. If you are a gentle soul with the need of expressing yourself and do not like to respond to demands just for the sake of responding to them, then you are most likely to choose the animation school which takes the creative approach. Some people are more comfortable with choosing an animation school with a scientific methodical approach to animation. These people love working within complex scenarios and specialize in having enough technical knowledge on how to use them to manifest beautiful art forms.

Naturally, there is always a type of person who wants to know all and everything, so with that in mind, some schools have created programs that cover both aspects of animation. They cover 2D and 3D animation for the general media, the web and personal satisfaction as well. They encourage the storytelling abilities to develop the characters and their backgrounds. Creating concepts and ideas for cartoons is also practiced. However you put it, this kind of school really covers all aspects of the animation art, but not everyone is willing to be faced with both aspects.

Use our Quick Degree Finder to find the animation school that will be the best for you according to your own personal preferences. You will get a detailed list of information on many online and campus programs concerning animation artist training. Remember that the only wrong choice you can make in choosing a school is not following your dreams. Carefully examine the characteristics of each course and choose the best one for you. Finding the correct program you need is the first step to success.

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