How to Land a Career In Video Game Design

In today’s world, there’s hardly anyone who has not played video games. Not only is it a thrilling activity for people of almost all ages during their free time, but also a great way to have a friends’ get together. However, while playing these games and admiring their animation, do you think about how they must have been designed? As entertaining as the games seem, not many people are aware of the hard work that goes behind creating these games. In this way, video game design is a field that requires serious dedication to create a product that guarantees fun and entertainment for anyone who uses them. To get started building a career in video game design today, use our Quick Degree Finder to find free information on both online and campus courses. Find the right program for you, and start building your career in video game design before another day goes by.

If you are someone who is fascinated by the detail in these games and have an innate love for technology, then this may be the field for you. Until a few years ago, very few people realized the importance of entering into the video game industry as designers and concept developers. Only a very limited number of schools would offer specialized courses and many students did not feel a guaranteed success by entering the field. Anyone who made it to the industry as a video game designer would do so on the basis of his own talent and what he learned on his own. Now the situation is just the opposite as you have a large number of institutes offering specialized courses in video game design.

In the last decade or so, the video game business has come a long way, growing into the sprawling industry it is known as today. This goes to show that there is a lot of scope and opportunity for anyone who wants to land a career in this field. However, before you start dreaming about making it big in the industry someday, you need to be properly trained as a video game designer. And the best way to do that is to enroll in an accredited animation school that offers a major in video game design.

Before you start college, it is a good idea to get a feel of the industry itself and understand a few basics about it. This will help you to decide if you really have serious interest in the field. A good way of doing this is to get in touch with people who are already experts in the field. Not only will it give you a basic exposure to the field itself, but you can also learn what the basic requirements of the industry are.
Additionally, keep yourself updated about any short courses or local workshops on video game design, which you can take nights or off days. This will essentially help you learn a few things that will come in handy for you when you start your college studies.

Developing the basic know-how of video games. You will learn what these games are all about and what a profession in this field could be like. It will help you increase your exposure about the different types of video games available in the market and how they work.

Developing the basic know-how of the principal rules of designing video games. You can bring these into use by building Mods or modified versions of the video games already available.

Getting a basic-level and not too expensive game designing suite. With this, you can create a basic version of your own game and introduce them to your friends to get their feedback about it. This will help you in improving your own work.

The biggest advantage of getting a degree in video game design is the way it prepares you for your exposure into the professional field. You will also come to discover which areas of the field you enjoy the most and once you enter into your professional career you can focus on those as your specialty. When you walk in for a job interview with your degree in hand, employers will take you as someone who considers this as a serious field that requires dedication. Moreover, your school will help you develop a portfolio of all the work you complete throughout your academic life, which will help future employers see your skills firsthand.

Although it is something that most of us have never imagined, video game design is a very rewarding field that has an extensive scope. After your basic on-the-job training period you can eventually focus on any of these video game design specialties:

The concept developer or artist is someone who gets to utilize the conventional art material like color pencils, paints and crayons to put his concept forward. If you are passionate about art and love to sketch the scenes and characters for video games, this is the right specialty for you. For this, you will need to major in art, while keeping video game designing as your minor.

The 2-D or two-dimensional developer does the structuring and texturing for the entire scenario that has been thought up for the video game. To specialize in this field, you will need to be immaculate with the professional version of any image manipulation software.

The 3-D or three-dimensional model developers are required to create the characters and their finer details like objects and weapons they use. It is even more complicated than 2-D development. For this, you need to know different 3-D model designing software like the back of your hand.

The animation artist or animator puts in life in the designed characters by making them move. Animation works on two different levels. In the basic level, an animator is required to create an understanding of how a particular character will move without using the computer. Later, he makes the characters move through different animation software.

Although this might be the most familiar term related to video game design that any layman has heard of, in reality it is a diverse field. In programming, you could be managing databases, designing AI (Artificial Intelligence), creating tools for other game creators, programming the graphics engine and the list goes on!

Other careers related to this field: Story developers and writers needed for concepting, as now most video games are plot based. You could eventually land in the industry as a network or IT specialist and even make a great career as a marketer, salesperson, customer care representative.

With the booming industry that gamers all over the world have made possible with video game design, it is no surprise there are so many types of careers related to the science of designing video games. Developing a basic know-how and getting exposure to video game design will give you a chance to decide before you even enter the field whether you are meant for it or not. This field is essentially a combination of science and art, which means that not only do you need to use your brains, but you also need to be completely passionate about it.

Use our Quick Degree Finder to get more information about on-campus and online video game design courses as well as other ways to expand the multitude of career opportunities offered in the field.

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