The Benefits of a Video Game Designer Career

Building a video game designer career requires patience and creativity. Many people have probably considered a video game designer career, as video games are a popular form of entertainment these days. The main characteristics every successful video game designer must have are persistence, hard work ethic, creativity, adaptability, willingness to learn and a passion for designing video games. If you would like to build a video game designer career, you will have to keep these characteristics in mind and hone them like a finely tuned craft. The skills can be learned and improved easily, but the correct mindset is the foundation on which everything else will rely. To get started building a career in video game design today, use our Quick Degree Finder to find free information on both online and campus courses for game design. Find the right program for you, and start building your career in game design before another day goes by.

Before attempting to become a video game designer, it is important to identify a specialty or general area of interest. There are several options which are usually all covered in a general course, but there are also specialized courses which provide a specific education on certain aspects of game design. These aspects include the graphic design, storyboard writing, animation, sound effects design, special effects design, character development and level and setting design.

Even more specialized courses can be identified later and used to upgrade one’s knowledge since this is a very dynamic occupation in which trends should be followed almost daily. If there is any field where a person should stay up-to-date with innovations, game design would be it. It’s practically a part of the job description and essential for making one’s self competitive in a booming industry. Building a video game designer career requires building your knowledge about game design principles and technologies at the same time. Even when people become masters in their work they still have to learn, otherwise they will fall out of the current and stop being relevant.

But before you can become a master, there is a long path ahead of you in your video game designer career. This career has many benefits, like a good salary, chances of advancing in a company, and most importantly, providing a unique job that you enjoy. A lot of video game designers started out as subcontractors to various companies.

Thanks to the internet, finding a job as a game designer is easier than before. The nature of the job allows telecommuting, so you are not restricted to living in a certain area close to the company’s office to get a job. But it is still up to you to make a name for yourself and prove the quality of your work. All game designers which talked about their careers are people who started working by barely making any money at all.

It is not easy to get a first assignment, but being picky in the beginning is not advisable. Even if you have an impressive portfolio from your course, this will mean nothing when you are brought to the test of doing actual work for a company. This is where you will have to prove your worth, even if it means temporarily working for embarrassing payments. You may not always get the part you wish for the most. Sometimes a person who enjoys designing graphics in a game might find himself as a creative story writer or sound designer.

But this is all part of the process which everybody goes through. It is best to look at these jobs as a practice which brings you more experience than money. The purpose of these is to make a name for yourself to secure you better paying jobs in the future. Also, once you gain some experience in the job, you are more likely to grow more self-esteem. With more self-esteem, other people will also begin to respect you and your work more.

People sometimes make requests for promotions from subcontractors and better working conditions when they feel like they are becoming more experienced and worth the increase in both status and pay. Although the next stepping stone is the junior game designer, it is still an improvement and an important step in your career.

Never look down on improvements, no matter how small they are. This is a sign that the company is happy with your work since they have decided to give you this position. It may not be the fulfillment of all your dreams, but it is a start to it. You will still be stuck with a lot of work senior designers do not feel like doing, but you will achieve a steady position with a possibility of further advancement. A video game designer career is very similar to a graphic designer career when it comes to the hierarchy at work.
Although different companies have different systems, the basic concept stays the same. After being a junior for a certain period of time, you are promoted to a middleweight or senior game designer. That depends on how the company makes the next promotion happen. Usually a middleweight designer is a person who already has some significant achievements with certain projects and is trusted with more difficult assignments than the junior game designer.

When this promotion happens you know that you are doing great in your career. You are getting more serious assignments and projects from your directors. And there is always a possibility that you will become a director one day. After all, most courses cover the protocols of all positions in the business, so you already have a basic background on project directing. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be a director just as you leave school so you will have to start at the bottom of the food chain before you start feeling any benefits from this career. Keep in mind that building a career is a long-term goal.

Naturally, you can always choose to remain a freelancer and be a subcontractor to companies for the rest of your life. But a video game designer career is not exactly designed for this approach. It is for people who like to have a steady job with promotions and a regular salary. There are really no game designers who wish to stay subcontractors forever. This position is the worst of all and brings absolutely no benefits a video game designer career was made to bring.

All people who are looking for a creative and artistic career that can bring them a steady job, income and a possibility of advancing in the company will be very happy with building a video game designer career. It is fun, challenging and allows you to completely express yourself. The only point to keep in mind is that it may take some time until the first promotion from subcontractor to a junior designer.
Once this step is achieved, you are on your way to provide a beautiful and rewarding career for yourself. If you would like to start making your dream about becoming a video game designer a reality, we would suggest you to use our Quick Degree Finder for a detailed and informative list which includes many online and offline courses on video game design. There are many different courses which take many different approaches, so be sure to pick the one most suitable to your abilities and desires.

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