Video Game Level and Environment Design

There is nothing that can make you more invested in a game that great puzzles and beautifully developed in-game environment. And it’s a fact, if you start playing game and find it boring, confusing, or janky looking, you’ll give up on it in ten minutes flat. Game companies want their games to have as many powerful enticements for the users as possible, for more time playing can often equate to customer loyalty to gaming studios and companies.

Writing a video game script is a very important part of the whole process and it distinguishes the game from all of the others. Because of that you need to know every single game that is on the market, and all games that have shaped the gaming industry. You need to try to create something that is more exciting and more important than ever. Attending a video game design college can help you in making your dream come true and also can lead you to the future jobs and opportunities. Use our Quick Degree Finder to request free info from as many schools as you like and create those opportunities!

The video game level designer must consider theme, feel, level of difficulty, and proficiency of audience. Grandma would never be able to take down the Geth dropship over planet Pandihar, but she might be able to flip a nasty of cards in an online solitaire game. Your design cannot stay just an idea, it must be realized in the best way possible. If you want to become a video game level designer, it is recommended to go to video game design college and learn how to make your way in the video game design world.

Everything is so exciting about this job. You get to see your imagined worlds coming to life thanks graphics and art design. If you are thinking of this career you need to know that it is not easy to figure out the scene for the game all of a sudden, especially because there are many different genres of video games and you need to make them interesting for the customer. The genre is the most important thing in the video game business, and if you want to understand it better, you need to learn what is it that make every genre special. Here is the classification of some of the most popular video games ever:

Action games have always been most popular of all, and they make the player feel excited and use his reflexes at the same time. They usually consist of platform games, maze games, pinball games and fighting games. The video game design college can teach you how to create them, but they won’t teach you how to be creative, so you have to make the game be exciting enough to play it again and aggressive enough to remember it.

Shooter games have different types and sub genres, such as first person shooter, light gun shooter, tactical shooter, rail shooter and many others. Although the point is always to shoot someone or something, there must be something more that can attract the gamer. For example you can expect the gamer to be excited by the game if he is a shooting undead arachnid spiders in a background full of flowers.

Adventure games are very popular lately, mostly because of their graphics and realistic environments. There are so many different types of this game today, but most important are 3D games that make the player literally feel the game. Uncharted 2 and 3 are percect examples of these types of games. There are many courses where you can learn about 3D game design, and any video game design college is a good choice for you to learn it properly.

Puzzle games have always been popular among many generations and their design is not as simple as it may seem. Especially environment is the most important thing since the player must look at the same background for some time, and new ways to spice up old games are always in demand.

Simulations are not only games, but also a lifestyle, where you can live someone else’s life or fight someone else’s battle. That’s where the environment must reach a certain level of accuracy and realistic feel. This is not much about levels but about characters and their needs. People fascinated with the virtual life are attracted to this kind of game, but most don’t have the slightest idea what goes into it. It’s a great opportunity for a video game design college to show you how to create your own sim world someday.

Strategy games also have a touch of reality, and there may be many different levels for you to pass. Some of the most scientific games out there, strategy games can provide a challenge for both designers and players. The level designer must take care that you understand your purpose and create a desire to make people come back and play again. These games require a familiarity of the mechanics underneath them you need to consider going to video game design college in order to get the niche type of information to create such games.

There are a multitude of other video game genres and sub-genres, which is another thing you would think about often as a video game designer.

All these games have something in common: they need someone to make them interesting at the first glance, and that’s something only a well-schooled video game level designer can do.
One of the most important jobs that level designer has is to make hidden and secret doors that lead to other levels. It’s not an easy task and even some of great designers must try a couple of times in order to achieve it. In video game design college you’ll get to try a hundreds of times until you make magic happen. You will also meet many students and professionals who will tell you all their tricks that can lead you to success.

If you are wondering what is it that level designer actually does and what can you learn in video game design college, there are some most important things. Firstly, they create cities, room, tunnels and all other spaces where the main character and his enemies can move, he also needs to take care of doors, keys of buttons and other mechanisms that can be moved, they make special rooms where different things like weapons and coins can be found, etc. They also need to provide the pre-rendered map of the level made for the player.

In video game design college you can learn also how to make the game technically more complicated, but more exciting for the player. You need to make the gamer realize what is the goal of the game and to understand how to get to the end of the game. Sometimes the gamer needs a lot of time to get to the end of the game because it is multi level game with a lot of things to pass through, but sometimes that game might be too confusing to play. The difference between those two things and how to overcome that problem you can learn in video game design college. If you choose to be a video game level designer, you need to learn a range of gaming topics, because there is no job in game designing that can be isolated from other jobs. Meetings of the team members are very important thing where everyone can show what should be done or what can’t be done and the decisions must be made. Simply put, video game design is a great job but a great responsibility as well. Imagine the rush of having thousands of people waiting for the game you made to come out, and expecting to get the best one ever. That’s why this job requires full education and a passion for video games, everything else will come later, and trust us, everything is about getting your experience quick, so you have it when you have the chance to make your mark in the industry!

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