What to Look for When Choosing a 3D Animation School

Choosing a 3D animation school is one of the most important decisions you can make if you are interested in becoming a 3D animation designer. Not only will it be one of the first major steps you’ll take towards obtaining your dream career, but it will set the tone for the next few years worth of hard work. You will want to choose an educational program that interests you, is convenient geographically, and is also respected in the circles of animation and design. 3D animation is basically just one aspect of animation, but recently it has become widely accepted as the most highly grossing facet of animated films in today’s mainstream market, and therefore is garnering more attention than ever. Most studios and clients demand this type of animation in their products these days and it’s no longer a niche medium only popping up here and there. Now blockbuster films are often available in both 3D and 2D, even more evidence of the growing trend. It’s never been a better time to go into 3D animation, so start your search on today. Use our Quick Degree Finder tool to search for and request free information from all the leading 3D animation schools in the field.

If you are interested in becoming an animator, you should think about what’s hot in the industry as well as where your interests lie. Many people want to become well versed in both 2D and 3D animation and there are a multitude of programs that provide this sort of education. If you are serious about becoming an animator, you should learn about the traditional methods of animation as well, ranging from sketching and storyboarding all the way to computer generated visuals and models.

Storyboarding is still one of the most important aspects of animated films, which every school will most likely cover. And even the most conservative among us can’t deny that creating a comic book come to life would be an incredibly fun class to take. Every good animation artist should understand the concepts and mechanics of storytelling, for essentially, illustrators and animation artists are simply storytellers working in a purely visual medium. When creating virtual worlds, emotional and intellectual enhancements to the visuals always aid in the audiences enjoyment of your creations. Choosing a 3D animation school which offers courses in creative storytelling could be useful later on in your career.

When choosing a 3D animation school, keep in mind the program length. Not everyone can afford to spend three or four years in a program, especially if you are already graduated and looking for a new profession. Do not think that the length of the program is always completely relevant to the quality of the education you will receive. Longer programs can offer you the ability to experience more in-depth training and build a larger portfolio, but with enough dedication and hard work you will also do well with a shorter program. Just make sure that the institution you are seeking education from is respected and you will get proper credit for your time and energy spent in school.

When choosing a 3D animation school you should also look at the variety subject matter that the program will cover. It is important to cover some elements of graphic design. Remember how some things never become obsolete? Since you will be working with visual presentation when animating, every course should cover the basics of graphics design. Remember, when anything visual is involved, knowing the basics of graphic design is a must.

What else is important when choosing a 3D animation school? Many people falsely believe that 3D animation is just technical knowledge applied to moving images. But like any artistic career, 3D animation is based on creativity and the ability to communicate your ideas and emotions non-verbally. How is it possible to get all this from a course? The most widely accepted belief is that you are creative or you are not. But creativity is something that can be learned as well. You need to have good teachers who understand that the most important aspect of any artist is their creative side. They should be able to teach you how to be more creative by giving you good examples and assignments that will help you develop your imagination.

Your teachers should also be well versed in current technology and software and what tools are prevalent for animators today. Techniques and tools cannot be more important in today’s professional world. Without a comprehensive knowledge about them, you’ll have a hard time landing a career professionally because your resume is your technical background in the field of 3D design. The good news is that any school which we link to will have the most up to date software for 3D developers available. As long as you choose an accredited institution, you should be covered.

There are many possible career paths ahead of you as a 3D animator. This would be a good time to ask yourself about your final goal. Do you want to animate films for the film industry? Create commercials for television? Would you rather create animation for web pages? Or maybe you would like to fulfill your dream of designing video games? This is something you should consider before committing to a specific program and will ultimately affect your decision in choosing a 3D animation school. Use our Quick Degree Finder to search for programs that are right for you. Request free info from as many schools as you like and start exploring your career dreams instead of sleeping through them.

You should also look into choosing a 3D animation school which offers you the opportunity to get a job after you finish. A good career service center is something every good school has and you should remember to keep in touch with them even after you finish your courses. While you are in school, keep the correct attitude. If you are interested in what you are learning, you should be asking questions and communicating with your teachers. This way you will learn a lot more than by just listening to what they have to say, and people will remember you. If you stay in touch, they might be able to help you finding a job. Connections and relationships with people are a huge part of finding your way in the industry.

After finishing your education, you should look into developing a solid and constant career relationship with a developer studio. Freelancing is very common, but most people begin working as freelance and gradually move up to the point where they can ask for a consistent working relationship with their company. Working hourly or by salary both have their pros and cons, but that’s something you’ll have to weigh out on a case by case basis when you’ve joined the ranks of professional 3D animators.

If you are interested in choosing a 3D animation school, use our online Quick Degree Finder. It will give you detailed information about all sorts of educational programs, both for the full time student and for those that desire the occasional night class. There are many different paths towards making a living in animation, but nobody can tell you which one is right for you. Our Quick Degree Finder is designed to provide you with all the information you need on a multitude of programs. Find the one that’s right for you and start your journey to becoming a professional 3D animator today.

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