Top Ways to Make a Video Game in Today’s Video Gaming World

Hardcore gamers that have a passion for games and have entertained the thought of creating them all unanimously dream of being a part of the gaming industry. With so many different games being created every day and countless new technological achievements, the potential and projected growth of the industry is unlimited. The net gross of next generation gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and even the Nintendo Wii have majorly contributed to the growth of the industry in the last decade. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp the sheer volume of games that are sold when major game studios release blockbuster games. With many big name games such as the Call of Duty Black Ops series, Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War and others that hold records for the most games sold in gaming history, the gaming industry is changing from the days of Pac Man and Frogger.

The other game changer that not many people are talking about is the Apple iPad. There are well over 10,000 games that are available on the world’s leading mobile OS platform. Today it is easy for anyone to make a video game, as the iPad and many design processes have made it more accessible than ever to enter the gaming industry. There are several main segments of the gaming industry that are pushing the industry further, including online gaming, next generation games and mobile games. These are the key segments that are growing. There is also some potential for video game developers that are looking to develop and make a video game on platforms such as portable games. There are many opportunities for you if you are looking to cash in on the growing industry. With the wide breadth of educational and career choices you may be a bit confused as to how to enter the industry, but with the right information you can decide which path will be your cup of tea. Use our Quick Degree Finder to search for free information from the variety of game design schools, both online, and on campus, and find the right program for you.

The mobile gaming industry has grown significantly in the last three years following the introduction of the iPhone. The mobile operating system and phone introduced by Apple was the first real glimpse into the potential of gaming on a cell phone. Until then the industry was only limited to games on platforms such as the Nokia N-Gage and several other cell phones that did not do too well on the market because of the complex process of developing games that worked well. Portable gaming however was growing significantly with portables such as the Sony PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo portable gaming devices. This is all boring today because most of us are used to some casual gaming on the go, anyone reckon Angry Birds? Gaming has changed and many colleges are now incorporating the idea of mobile gaming because the industry is set to shift to many platforms. Now while it is obvious that most mobile games will never really match their next generation console counterparts, the technology that makes next generation consoles is shrinking in size and this will eventually make it easy for the same technology that works in a PlayStation 3 for example fit inside the PlayStation Portable 2.

It’s an industry to watch because the amount of time that is needed to create a game for a mobile platform is less and with many people wanting to purchase and enjoy the fruits of the industry, if you can make a video game, you will most likely be able to make fast money on any of the leading mobile application stores. There have been many success stories already. But keep in mind this is just one of many opportunities available to you if you can make a video game.

Online Games are also hugely popular because of the sense of community and development that goes into developing them. Many people have probably heard of games such Crysis and others that were very successful on the internet because of their huge appeal and creative edge. The world of online gaming actually has its history in the gaming industry as well. Today it is not surprising to find next generation consoles and mobile gaming devices connect to the internet for gaming.

Online gaming is really about peer interaction and if you are consider being able to make a video game that allows people to interact with other online gamers while at the same time building a great brand, you may just get hooked on the idea of making it a career. Although you may not become a billionaire overnight, the potential for you to capitalize on the online gaming community and become a respected online gaming brand is more possible than ever. The online gaming community and online games are played the world over for countless hours of the day with most games being stored on servers and connecting users and gamers from all over the world. The key is to make a video game that will sell in the online gaming world. It’s great to have a killer concept for a MMO or an MMORPG but if the game doesn’t have a great user interface or base gaming engine, it may be a flop. Making a video game for online gamers will take some skill in addition purely an education in the essentials of gaming design.

Next Generation Gaming is a term used to refer to games that are made for high end gaming consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 3. Between these two gaming consoles, you will probably find an average of about 70 million consoles sold around the world and that doesn’t even take into account the sales of the runaway best ‘next generation console’ the Nintendo Wii which is a best seller for its simplicity. When you understand what games are made for each gaming console, you will know the power of how to build a concept and make a video game for the particular console. First Person Shooter games are very big on next generation consoles, as are sports and other adventure games. Most action games are reserved to either Xbox or PlayStation but there are a few stand out titles for the Wii. Since there is a more complex design process that goes into making a game for next generation consoles, the best quick option might be to make a video game for the online community platforms, Sony’s PSN and Microsoft’s own Xbox Live.

Overall, to know the basics of how to make a video game, you need to get yourself into school and work at it. You may have a great idea and potential project but to really compete with the major leagues, you will have to work on your game. Most people are just looking for a great way to pass time. Angry Birds is one such game, Farmville is another that is huge on the internet, particularly on Facebook. This goes to show that a great game doesn’t always have to be made by a leading game developer. All it takes is brains and persistence.

Think that your desire and passion for how to make a video game is worth investing in today? Don’t be mediocre, find the best schools that can help you fulfill your gaming dream. Use our Quick Degree Finder and request free info from a variety of online and campus programs that will help you learn how to make a video game.

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