Video Game Designer Career

Picture this: you’re huddled behind a burning car taking refuge from the bombshells and explosions erupting throughout the city in every direction. The sky is on fire with bombers and the flashes of military gunfire. You look back to where your squad mates were camped a few moments ago, and see only smoking debris. You cock your assault rifle and notice you have just one last round of ammo before the gun is useless. Now’s the time to make your move, so you charge the enemy with payback in your eyes and revenge in your heart.

While this scenario sounds straight out of a war movie, it’s actually a playable scene from Call of Duty for the XBOX 360, only made possible by the magic of 3D computer animation and a universe made of pixels. A team of designers and game developers at InfitnityWard were tasked with creating this world, based on real battlefields and intelligence data collected throughout history.

Sound like something you’d like to do? It’s not just a dream. Getting a video game designer career is more attainable than ever with the recent boom in the gaming industry over the last ten years. Now more than ever, games are big business and major companies are wising up to it. Gaming studios are popping up left and right, and player-created games and mods have never been more prevalent. Join the gaming revolution!

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