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Just within our lifetimes, visual and special effects have improved by leaps and bounds. We’ve seen the art form evolve from drawings and puppetry, to 3D and CGI. The growth of digital effects as a business has contributed to the emergence of companies such as LucasFilm, Dreamworks, and Pixar. Imagine a career creating the same types of images and movies that hypnotize the masses.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to succeed in a career in visual effects without a firm understanding of the software and tools that have been established industry-wide in the last few decades. But let’s face it, these aren’t the types of tools and programs you can pick up and teach yourself. You need an education to back up your creative eye and aspirations. Getting your degree in visual effects is the ticket to making those aspirations into a reality.

With the recent boom in 3D and computer animation, there are a multitude of schools out there to choose from. But which one is right for you? Use our Quick Degree Finder to request free info from as many online or campus schools as you like, and find the right program for you today!

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